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List on Upstream exchange and trading app
  • First real-time trading venue to support the ~$5B global equity crowdfunding market
  • Exit liquidity potential for shareholders
  • Potential for a wide investor pool with the ability to invest using USDC stablecoin and fiat
  • Investor communication tools to engage and expand crowdfunding community


List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Fully regulated and traded on a national securities exchange

First blockchain SPAC venue

Tokenized equity controlled directly on Upstream smartphone wallet

SPACs designed for investors of all levels to participate

Crypto in the form of USDC Stablecoin and fiat accepted for SPAC IPO purchases

Transparent SPAC offering - next generation of DeFi

No short selling, market manipulation or market makers

Tokenized Shares and Warrants trade separately on day-1;
investors have registered, unrestricted shares
held and tradeable directly form the Upstream app

IPO funds held in secure, regulated trust accounts*
A trust ensures 100% return of funds if an investor redeems
Upstream's approach ensures highest levels of investor protection

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Traditional Exchanges

  • World’s first regulated securities exchange for tokenized SPACs
  • Lowest risk capital outlay
  • Next generation SPAC trading technology to support significantly lower upfront IPO costs, no underwriter fees, and a sub-100-day time to IPO listing
  • Giving investors of all levels direct access to listed SPAC IPOs using stablecoins or fiat
List on Upstream exchange and trading app
List on Upstream exchange and trading app

  • Invite fans to invest and own a stake in your venture
  • Funding available immediately after offering closes
  • Activate a loyal group of brand ambassadors who have a vested interest in your venture’s success.
  • Engage with your biggest supporters using Upstream
  • Stake in your favorite musician, entertainer, athlete, or teams’ future
  • Potential dividends
  • Trade shares with other fans on Upstream
  • Unique content and fan engagement opportunities


List on Upstream exchange and trading app
  • Accept digital currency and tap into the massive blockchain community
  • Solves for deposit and trading roadblocks OTC issuers commonly face
  • Provides advanced technology integrations
  • Low fee structure with competitive listing and compliance fees

Additional Upstream benefits

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Access new investors

Be part of the next generation exchange and trading app for digital securities and offer your shares to a whole new set of fans, investors, and traders.

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

A MERJ Exchange market

Upstream is a MERJ Exchange Market, which is an affiliate of the World Federation of Exchanges. Qualified issuers may be able to cross-list in other global markets.

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Low fee structure

Experience the perks of being a listed company with a flexible listing framework built for innovative modern issuers.

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Advanced technology integrations

Streamline shareholder management with Upstream’s cap. table and dividend payment solutions; compliance integrations; and investor communication tools.

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Unlock liquidity for your investors

A good answer when early-stage investors ask about exit liquidity.

List on Upstream exchange and trading app

Join a dedicated marketplace built for you

Upstream was built by a team of Wall Street veterans and proven software engineers, offering regulated trading and settlement of digital securities to investors of all levels.

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Enter the issuer name, email, and what you’re interested in listing to get started. You will receive a welcome email with additional details on the listing process.


Please look out for an email from a MERJ Sponsor Advisor who will schedule a call at your convenience to answer any additional questions you may have about listing on Upstream. They will be your guide throughout Upstream’s listing process to help answer any questions you have.


Once your application is approved, your securities will be listed on Upstream. You will then notify your investors that they will have a venue to trade their securities on and may open accounts to do so.


It’s the big day! Enjoy a virtual bell ringing ceremony, press release and joint announcement, and watch the trading begin. Continue to engage your investors using our in-app investor communication tools.

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